• Translation from English to Serbian and Montenegrin
  • Transcreation (translation of advertising copy) from English to Serbian and Montenegrin
  • Proofreading and editing of Serbian texts
  • Postediting
  • Quality assurance and linguistic consulting
  • SEO writing, keyword optimization, website localization
  • General translation

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Transcreation is a process of conveying an advertising message into another language. It’s not just translation. Requires more time, more skill and more money.

Translation of a 10 word ad requires a minute. Transcreaton? A day.

A transcreator first has to understand intention, message, tone and language of the ad. Then, a creative copywriting begins and another version of the ad is created — in the target language.

You can have two versions of the same ad, one close to your original, another more creative. Each version is accompanied by a detailed backtranslation and rationale — so you will understand the message in the other language.

Close Translation offers ad translation for Serbian and Montenegrin. Click here to send a message.