The price depends on the type of work (translation, transcreation, editing, proofreading). I am always open to negotiations. Please contact me and feel free to explain your requirements.

Here are examples of determining the cost.


  • Translation (English to Serbian/Montenegrin) = to be agreed.
  • Editing (comparing English original to Serbian/Montenegrin) = 2/3 of the translation price.
  • Proofreading (checking only Serbian/Montenegrin) = 1/3 of the translation price.
  • As a regular client you may be eligible for a discount if your second (third, fourth…) project is almost the same as the initial. Click here to contact your translator.

Transcretion / Ad Translation

  • One page flyer with dozen words costs less than 30 second ad script.
  • Ad script with two creative adaptations is pricier than when one is required.
  • Subsequent checks after third-party edits may come free of charge.

Have a question? Use this page to send a message.


  • Wire transfer (bank)
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)