About Romeo Mlinar

The person in charge of this website and the services it offers is Romeo Mlinar.

  • A native speaker of Serbian (Serbo-Croatian).
  • Schooled in Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Lives in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • 7+ years in translation business.
  • 40+ advertising campaigns.
  • Two years as a full-time news agency translator.
  • Teacher of English.
  • BA in English Language and English Literature (University of Montenegro).
  • MA in English (University of Novi Sad, Serbia; about the paper / PDF).
  • Created a site for language tests and learning.
  • Written a multi-platform software for Cyrillic to Latin conversion.
  • Maintains Language Bits website about miscellaneous language interests.
  • Check my Proz.com Professional Membership page here. LinkedIn is also available.

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